Energy Management Super Condomunium of Piossasco

The Piossasco super condominium in the province of Turin needed an Energy Management contract to manage its heating systems and heat consumers.

The Request

Managing the heating system of the Super condominium, consisting of a central heating plant and 18 substations, serving 467 residential and commercial units divided into 5 condominium groups.

The Target

Innovate the heat system through the use of credit transfer directly to energy wave. Ensure energy savings for the users and reduce the CO2 emissions of the building.

Our Solution

Energy wave has signed an energy management contract for the duration of 10 years (2019 - 2029) which foresees the energetic efficiency of the condominium through the supply of goods and services necessary for the optimal management and improvement of the process of transformation and use of the energy for a total value of the contract that exceeds € 4 million over the 10 years. Energy wave has carried out the plant works including the insulation of the building envelope, the improvements of automation and energy management also through relighting interventions. In addition to the plant works, the families obtained optimised tariffs for their consumption, for the two energy vectors gas and electricity, which help to achieve significant economic savings compared to the pre-intervention situation.

Figures: 467 residential units, 1 heating plant, 18 sub-stores 10 years of contract

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