These days, responsible industrial companies rely on sustainable production and energy solutions that are future ready. The development is accompanied and boosted by rising CO2 prices, EU taxonomy and sustainable finance. Today, potential investors want to know exactly what a company's ESG strategy and its CO2 reduction roadmap look like before they make the decision to invest. At the same time, industrial processes are quite complex. Industrial companies therefore need partners that can leverage efficiencies using a comprehensive approach throughout the entire value creation process and thus achieve significant carbon and cost reductions.  


Complex industrial processes require energy solutions that are aligned with customer needs and are both sustainable and economical. GETEC's experts take a long, hard look at the customer's production processes and design exactly the solution the customer needs. A wide variety of solution modules are available, including Green Steam for the quick switch from fossil to green heating supply, waste-to-energy approaches for the thermal use of production residues, or large-volume solutions for supplying entire multi-client sites – or a combination of all of these. At GETEC, there are no off-the-rack solutions – everything is done with the individual customer in mind. 

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