Good Management is Almost as Valuable as Good Health

With years of experience in managing the real estate assets of various hospitals throughout Italy, GETEC Italia has perfected a management offer for the private healthcare sector that focuses on environmental and energy sustainability, presenting the market with innovative, digitalized and reliable solutions.

We build each proposal on the basis of the customer's specific needs, guaranteeing the highest level of service in the application of best practices in operation and maintenance, and in the use of the best technologies available on the market.

As E.S.Co we can offer our customers support in energy asset management and upgrading interventions.

The most important references acquired include: Humanitas, the Roman Province of Fatebenefratelli and the Don Carlo Gnocchi Foundation. In short, this means:

  • Supply of more than 20 million kWh of electricity;
  • Supply of 3 million cubic metres of natural gas;
  • 31 healthcare buildings under management in 8 different regions;
  • Average contract duration: 7 years;
  • 6 million € of investments with significant environmental benefits and a reduction in CO2 emissions estimated at 3,520 tonnes/year.
Our Specializations
  • Energy Service with EPC formula
  • Design and construction of new plants and integration with existing ones
  • Cogeneration and trigeneration
  • Supply of electrical, thermal and cooling energy produced by the plants built and under management
  • Energy management services
  • Technological facility
  • On-call and emergency services
  • Plant supervision
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Sharing energy savings
  • Reduction of current expenditure on energy carriers
  • No investment by the customer thanks to the ESCo investment
  • Operation and maintenance of realised investments
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions into the environment
  • Standardization of the installations under management.
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