We Invest in Public Administration Energy Infrastructure

GETEC Italia acts as a partner for Public Administrations as a manager of real estate assets throughout the country, guaranteeing experience, quality and reliability.

Collaboration with individual Administrations is developed using all contractual forms available according to the Public Procurement Code. In this context, collaboration between PAs and GETEC Italia is developed with private initiative Public Private Partnership proposals or through participation in tenders called by regional and national purchasing centres (CONSIP conventions). GETEC Italia is the holder of CONSIP Conventions SIE 3, SIE 4, MIES 2 and FM 4.

The primary target that we set for ourselves as a partner of the Public Administration is to reduce consumption, atmospheric pollutant emissions and current expenditure right from the first year of managing our clients' real estate assets. We make extensive use of Artificial Intelligence systems in the management, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of plants, through an Information System based on a precise technical registry, predictive maintenance, remote management systems, control and monitoring of various environmental parameters and "real time" consumption (thermal and electrical).

In 2021 we managed facilities for
  • Public health: 692 buildings, 303,671 MWh of thermal value, 22,970 MWh of electrical value
  • Universities: 193 buildings, 37,735 MWh of thermal value, 7,057 MWh of electrical value
  • Local authorities (provinces and municipalities): 1,821 buildings, 288,022 MWh of thermal value, 2,881 MWh of electric value
  • Other authorities: 478 buildings, 109,531 MWh of thermal value, 6,836 MWh of electrical value.

 For a total installed thermal power of 1.237 GW at 01.03.2021. 

Our Specializations
  • Supply and management of energy carriers (thermal, electrical, refrigeration)
  • Energy efficiency, both traditional (heat pumps, cogeneration, distribution, etc.) and developed through the use of latest-generation technologies and systems (Nzeb, combined geothermal, solar and wind, tlr, etc.)
  • Custom-made design for fast implementation without impacting on the organisation's core activities.
  • Plant installation and management (thermal, electrical, data, burglar alarm, elevators, fire prevention, water, sanitary, construction, etc.).
  • Professional monitoring and bacterial abatement (legionella, absolute filters, sanitation of channels and terminals, etc.)
  • Advanced water management, especially in hospitals (osmosis, softeners, anti-algae, etc.)
  • Governance services (contact centre manned by specific technicians, information system based on AI, continuous environmental control and monitoring, remote management, 24-hour availability, fixed garrisons, CPI/Inail practices, energy diagnoses and certifications, etc.)
  • We modernize and optimize the customer's building-installation complex
  • We finance 100% of the work
  • We act as a single interlocutor for several activities, integrating overlaps in a synergic manner
  • We share with the authority the financial savings achieved from the first year through formulas shared with the authority itself (stepped, flat, white certificates, thermal account, etc.)
  • We make our know-how available to the authority in a spirit of real partnership (technical, legal, fund raising, specific solutions, etc.).
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