Design, Permitting and
Public Contributions

GETEC Italia's experience and know-how, acquired over many years in the energy sector, enable us to meet the diverse needs of our customers, guaranteeing the necessary safety in relation to the increasingly complex regulations in force.

GETEC Italia plants are designed with the primary objective of meeting the most stringent safety regulations and current environmental sustainability and energy efficiency requirements.

We guarantee quality results in order to have full monitoring and control of the energy used by optimising overall consumption management. In order to do this, we take care of projects throughout their life cycle, starting with the design and fulfilment of all the practices required by the regulations, and ending with the implementation and management of the plant.

In this context, GETEC Italia also supports its customers in the bureaucratic and administrative aspects of project development, taking care of all the practices necessary to obtain economic incentives (e.g. EEC - Energy Efficiency Certificates) from which the administration can benefit.

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